Working with You

End user
Our quality office furniture is designed to meet the versatile needs of our customers. We provide an exceptional, quality product and service to our clients at the right price in the shortest time possible.

From initial concept through to the final product we want you and your customer to be delighted with our quality products and services. Guided by you we can develop a custom solution to meet the needs of your customer.

We can site measure and make recommendations on layouts to improve work space efficiency. During the development of the layout we can assist in identifying potential problems, enabling you to deliver the project on time and within budget.

Retailers / Contract Furniture Suppliers
From layout development, standard pricing and project specific pricing our management team can assist you to specify and cost projects. 

We will keep you up to date with the manufacture of your furniture.

Installation teams are available to facilitate installations. Our project managers can coordinate the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the furniture to the customer.

Our services don’t stop at the successful delivery and installation of our furniture. Our products are future proofed, so additions and alterations are no problem. We have a range of furniture accessories to complement the furniture fitout.

Q: Why use Creative Systems
We are interested in long term relationships. We want to help your business grow so we will only supply you with exceptional quality products.

We believe in continuous improvement. Part of continuing to improve is having the sales person on site when the job is being installed. This gives you as the customer more confidence the job is going to be fulfilled as you expected and it helps us learn and continually improve our processes. This is unique in our industry. One point of contact for the whole job means less mistakes.

Q: Why buy from Australian manufacturers?
A: The Multiplier Effect!

Manufacturing delivers relatively high productivity levels compared with other industries, and there is evidence that it has a substantial multiplier effect on the rest of the economy. In South Australia, there are 2.8 jobs created for every one in manufacturing. Manufacturing also fundamentally underpins other industries such as services, resources and construction.
Information from: “Regional Industry Structure and Employment (RISE) model produced by EconSearch Pty Ltd for the Department of Trade and Economic Development, 2006-07”

Q: How does buying local products help the environment?
A: Processing and Packaging

  • Local manufacturers maintain strict environmental controls. This is not always the case for overseas products.
  • Local products can be delivered and installed with little or no packaging.
  • We have installed jobs for retailers where the packing from overseas products has filled multiple offices. The product was claimed to be an environmentally friendly and made from recycled materials but what about the packaging? In addition there are the environmental transport costs associated with exporting the products to Australia.